BrightSide Blue & Honey of the Heart "Superband"

BrightSide Blue & Honey of the Heart, two established NorCal bands - both duos of love and music, have united to create a Superband delivering folk-soul-roots-rock-latin/flamenco grooves, swoon-worthy vocal harmonies, and wailing solo-spiked jams – all offered in a spirit of care, humor, and hopes for a better world.

Through the pandemic, the groups got together to support one another and keep spirits high by meeting safely outdoors and learning each other's tunes. Since then, they've taken their act on the road, playing summer festivals in 2022 and building up their fan base with shows at popular music venues in Oregon, California and Mexico.

Talent buyers, event producers, community members and strangers alike continue to express their ardent astonishment at the awesomeness of this Superband. Tyler Blue, Director of Music for the Crazy Horse Saloon said: “The term 'more than the sum of its parts' was invented for a group like this. It's rare to witness this level of heartfelt, creative intention come to fruition." 

The level of enthusiasm from fans at this early stage in the group’s union foretells a spectacular road ahead. While there is no knowing exactly how it will unfold, the chances of crying, laughing, or dancing wildly during a live performance is nearly guaranteed.

This group was a hit at WorldFest. They played multiple stages throughout our four day festival including a spot on the main stage with some top artists from across the globe. They are always loved by the audience, have an excellent following and bring great vibes. ” - Amber Jo Manuel, Executive Director of the Grass Valley Center for the Arts


BrightSide Blue and Honey of the Heart have played festivals such as Beloved, Imagine, Cascadia, Mystic Rising, California World Fest, and Relaxpansion, as well as listening rooms and other intentional gatherings across the country. No matter if they're playing to 20 or 2000 people, they always create an energetic, moving experience for their audiences.  

Both bands have had the privilege of sharing stages with some awesome musicians and friends including:  Blues Traveller, Taj Mahal, Dr. John, Rising Appalachia, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo, Simrit, MaMuse, Peia, Deya Dova, Wildlight, Mariee Sioux, Handmade Moments, Shimshai, and more.  

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