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And Here Is Our Debut EP "Two Hearts, One Take" 

On a family visit to the East Coast, Ananda and Lindsay stopped by old friend Matt Berky​'s studio. Matt pressed "record" and the result is what you hear -- 5 intimate songs that reveal the heartful essence of this duo's offering. If you listen carefully, you can hear breaths between words and chords which bring forward the simple aliveness that the recording captures, as if the two were in your living room.  

"People used to make records, 
as in the record of an event, 
the event of people playing music  
in a room [together].
" - Ani DiFranco 

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Berky at Massive Productions LLC​ ( 
Mastered by Oz Fritz​ for High Velocity 
Album photo by Mollie Hull​ at SEEN Imagery​ with text art by Trina Spiller