Our Latest Baby. It's a ...... music!

The BETWEEN WORLDS EP release from soul-folk duo, BrightSide Blue, takes listeners around the globe, and thru inner and outer spaces. This album marks the couple’s ambitious first release in a new genre: World Music. 

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Tears of Beauty

"WHISPER WILLOW" - featuring Ayla Nereo


Video by acclaimed director  
Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia

Wonder, marvel and mystery in all that can be revealed by hidden places 
Wonder, marvel and mystery between the in between of everyday places

About Us

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BrightSide Blue is a duo from Nevada City that combines heart and soul filled vocals with virtuosic guitar-work to create brilliantly colored musical portraits. Ananda and Lindsay carry a powerful yet sensitive approach to their songwriting and performances, leaving audiences smiling and spellbound. 

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Love Guides the Way

For those of you who missed the BETWEEN WORLDS album release party, here's a little taste. The song, "Canto al Mar" is performed with Richard Jones on drums, Fred Doumbe on Bass and Gordon Hellegers on Kora. 

BrightSide Blue teamed up with Honey of the Heart to add vocal harmonies and ukelele to one of their favorite songs, "Freedom". Download the audio recording on Bandcamp