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This is the first song off of our upcoming EP, to be released in the fall of 2018. It's a song about finding our voice: letting go of the systems, people -- even inner beliefs -- that have kept us quiet; and reclaiming our natural born brilliance. Download a full version here.


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BrightSide Blue is a duo from Nevada City that combines heart and soul filled vocals with virtuosic guitar-work to create brilliantly colored musical portraits. Ananda and Lindsay carry a powerful yet sensitive approach to their songwriting and performances, leaving audiences smiling and spellbound. 

Ananda and Lindsay visited Massive Productions in Connecticut and spontaneously recorded their debut EP, "Two Hearts One Take." The music is available for download HERE

BrightSide Blue teamed up with Honey of the Heart to add vocal harmonies and ukelele to one of their favorite songs, "Freedom". Download the audio recording on Bandcamp